Powder Coating

As a subsidiary of Stock Mfg. & Design, Premier Coatings is a powder painting and metal part finishing job shop experienced in providing our customer’s quality finishes at an affordable price on time.

Infared Oven

  • Lower costs with minimal part handling via a 300 ft. closed loop system that includes cleaning, drying, spraying powder and curing.
  • Flexibility to run small parts as well as large parts up to 42″ width x 48″ height x 18 ft. long.
  • 5 stage parts washer.
  • Cleaning, phosphate, & sealant on all metals including cleanup of laser cut edges for ultimate powder part adherence and quality.
  • Variable line speed to maximize thru-put.
  • Quick color change guns for reduced setup time.
  • 2 man powder spray booth to maximize productivity on large parts.
  • Part rotation hangers to improve coverage and efficiency.
  • Powder over spray collector with quick-change cartridge style bin to reclaim powder and produce more parts per pound.
  • Extremely fast cure cycles, with fast warm up, quick setup, zoned temperature control and air convection for textured finishes.
  • Extremely clean cure oven to insure a quality finish with no products of combustion created.
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